Where to Buy a Used Canoe


Of course craigslist is a great place to buy a used canoe.  The best time of year to look is at the end of the season and the off season.  But people sell canoes any time of the year.  One thing to do is to expand your geographic area, so consider looking in Frederick, West Virginia, Fredericksburg and other areas which have craigslist.

Canoe Club Message Boards

The message board of a local (whitewater) canoe club. I do want to caution you that these are the forums of whitewater canoe and kayak clubs, but that is not to say that members only have whitewater boats.  Plenty of people have more than one boat, some for whitewater, and some for river running which includes flat water.  And people may even have a shear flat water boat, because that is what they bought to begin with and found it unsuitable for whitewater, hence they are now selling it.

Canoe Liveries and Outfitters Sale

Many outfitters sell their used equipment, either at the end of the season or anytime they have extra inventory.  The key is to knowing when they are going to have a sale, if it is only once a year.

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