List of What to Take Canoeing

This list assumes you will be renting a canoe.  At the end of this list I will list the things that I bring as a canoe owner.

What to wear:


  • Dress in a bathing suit or shirt and shorts.  Bring an entire set of dry clothes including shoes.
  • Shoes:  water shoes or old tennis shoes. I like to wear them with old socks, but to each his own.  Sandals which have a covered toe like Keens are fine, sandals which do not are not a good idea.  Your feet will get wet.  Flip flops are not a good solution, beside the fact you may lose them getting into and out of the canoe, your feet will not be protected.
  • Hat.  Wear a brim hat or baseball cap for the sun.
  • Complete change for clothes, including shoes and socks.
  • Towel

Cooler Weather: see this article on Canoeing with Children

  • water bottle or two  for each person (I usually pack 2 water bottles per person).
  • sunscreen
  • lunch for each person, maybe in cooler
  • bug spray (optional) — I rarely need this, but some people like to have it.
  • sunglasses and glasses restraint (croakies)
  • lunch/snacks (optional)
  • a dry bag (if you have it)

If you are bringing kids

  • water toys that float, including balls, squirt guns, pool noodles.
  • If your child has his or her own life vest, bring it. It will always fit better than a rental.

If you have a canoe

  • canoe
  • one paddle for each adult plus one extra
  • kid paddle (optional)
  • life vest for each person
  • removable seat (optional) or something for children to sit on in the middle
  • Dry bag for stuff you want to keep dry.
  • Big sponge –for getting water out of the boat


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