Places to Rent Canoes and Kayaks Around Washington, DC

Back in 2010, Natural Capital did a great job of locating rental canoes and kayaks around the Washington, DC area.  I have updated the information and added some additional rental places.  My list in by state and county.

This is the link to my general map for places to canoe, which includes both places which rent canoes and places which don’t.

Canoe and kayak rental is a seasonal business, so check the canoe livery before going out there.  The season is usually some time in May until some time in September. Each place is different.

There certainly is a big price spread for renting a canoe around the area.  Some of the places didn’t have online information so I don’t know the prices, but the cheapest places in the area are Lake Accotink and Lake Anne, at $6/hour.  The most expensive places are all under the umbrella of “BoatingInDC”.   They are Key Bridge Boathouse, Ball Park Boathouse (DC) and National Harbor in Maryland, $25/hour.

The cheapest place to rent a canoe all day is Burke Lake Park and Jug Bay/Patuxent River at $16/day.  Of course there is an extra park entrance fee for non-Fairfax County residents at Burke Lake Park ($10), so that is something to consider.

But all in all there are quite a few places to rent canoes and kayaks in the area.  I still miss Swains Lock Livery, which closed about 10 years ago.  Now if you want to paddle the C&O Canal at Swains Lock, Potomac, MD, you have to bring your own canoe or kayak.

Washington, DC

Fletcher’s Boat House,
4940 Canal Rd NW,
Washington, DC 20007

  • Canoes: $14/hour;  $28/day; Aluminum canoes; (prices have increased substantially for 2016 season, see website for current prices)
  • Single kayaks: $11/hour; $33/day
  • Double kayaks: $20/hour; $45/day
  • also rowboat and bike rentals

Thompson’s Boat Center
2900 Virginia Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20037

  • Canoes: $14/hour; $35/day;
  • Single kayaks: $15/hour; $35/day;
  • Double kayaks: $20/hour; $35/day;
  • also rowing sculls and bikes

Key Bridge Boat House (formerly the location of Jacks Boat House)
3500 Water St. NW,
Washington, DC 20007

  • Canoes: $25/hour;
  • Single kayaks: $15/hour;
  • Double kayaks: $20/hour;
  • also stand-up paddleboards, and pedal boats.

Ballpark Boathouse
Potomac Ave SE and First Street SE,
Washington, DC 20003

  • Canoes: $25/hour;
  • Single kayaks: $15/hour;
  • Double kayaks: $20/hour;

 Maryland Close-in

 Montgomery County

Lake Needwood Boat House
15700 Needwood Lake Circle
Rockville, MD 20855
Boat House 301-563-7540 (recorded information)
Boat House in season 301-563-7544

  • Canoes: $8/hour, $27.50/day;
  • Single kayaks: $8/hour, $27.50/day;
  • Double kayaks: $8/hour, $27.50/day;
  • also rowboats, and pedal boats.
  • private boat launch fee: $5.

Little Seneca Lake
Black Hill Regional Park
20920 Lake Ridge Drive
Boyds, MD 20841
Boathouse: 301-528-3466
Visitor Center: 301-528-3480

  • Canoes:  $ waiting for 2014 prices
  • Single Kayaks:
  • Double Kayaks:
  • Private boat launch fee: $5

Clopper Lake
Seneca Creek State Park
11950 Clopper Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Entrance fee to enter park.

  • Canoe and Kayak rentals: fees not posted on internet
  • private boat launch available near boat house

Lake Whetstone
Montgomery Village Foundation
18701 Montgomery Village Avenue
Montgomery Village, Maryland 20886

  • Canoes: $5/hour (resident of MVF), $7/hour (non-resident)
  • rowboats available for rental
  • only private boats allowed for members of MVF (yearly sticker fee)

Prince Georges County

Bladensburg Waterfront Park
4601 Annapolis Road
Bladensburg, MD 20710
301-779-0371; TTY 301-699-2544

  • Canoes and Kayaks: $16/day (resident); $20/day (non-resident)
  • also bike rental, paddle boat and rowboat rentals.

Patuxent RiverKeeper
17412 Nottingham Rd
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
(301) 579-2073
Canoe and kayak rentals by appointment on the Patuxent River. You can launch at the Riverkeeper site or take the boat on your car to another launch site.
$20 – $40/ day depending on if you are renting a canoe or a kayak and whether you are a member of the Patuxent Riverkeepers. You can rent overnight too for camping on the Patuxent River.


Jug Bay/Patuxent River Park
16000 Croom Airport Road,
Upper Marlboro, MD
rental information

  • Canoes and Kayaks: $7/hour, $16/day (resident)
  • Canoes and Kayaks: $9/hour, $20/day (non-resident)
  • overnight rentals available

National Harbour
165 Waterfront Street,
National Harbor, MD 20745
rental information

  • Canoes: $25/hour;
  • Single kayaks: $15/hour;
  • Double kayaks: $20/hour;
  • also stand-up paddleboards, and pedal boats.

Atlantic Kayak Company
13600 King Charles Terrace,
Fort Washington, MD

  • Kayak Rental by appointment only due to construction in 2014

Charles County

Mattawoman Creek

Up The Creek Rentals is closed as of 3/2016, but Atlantic Kayak rents kayaks (no canoes) on Sat. and Sun 10-6 at this location:
Mattingly Park
Indian Head, MD

Atlantic Rentals Info

 Virginia  Close-in

Fairfax County

Mason Neck State Park
7301 High Point Rd, Lorton, VA
rental information

  • A small number of canoes and kayaks are available
  • Canoes:  $12/hour; $35/4 hours; $50/day;
  • Single Kayaks: $10/hour; $35/4 hours; $50/day;
  • Double Kayaks: $15/hour; $45/4 hours; $60/day;

Pohick Bay Regional Park
6501 Pohick Bay Drive,
Lorton, VA,

  • Canoe: $9/hour; $37/day (resident); $10/hour; $41/day (non-resident)
  • Single Kayak: $9.50/hour; $37/day (resident); $10.50/hour; $41/day (non-resident)
  • Double Kayak: $12/hour; $41/day (resident); $13/hour; $45/day (non-resident)
  • paddle boards, sailboats and jon boats available for rent

Fountainhead Regional Park
10875 Hampton Road,
Fairfax Station, VA,
rental information

  • Canoe: $9/hour; $37/day (resident); $10/hour; $41/day (non-resident)
  • Single Kayak: $9.50/hour; $37/day (resident); $10.50/hour; $41/day (non-resident)
  • Double Kayak: $12/hour; $41/day (resident); $13/hour; $45/day (non-resident)
  • jon boats available for rent
  • launch fee for private boats

Lake Accotink
7500 Lake Accotink Park Road
Springfield, VA 22150

  • Canoes: $6/hour;
  • Also pedal boat rentals
  • $2 fee to launch private boats
  • miniature golf, playground at the park, carousel

Burke Lake Park
7315 Ox Road,
Fairfax Station, VA
rental information

  • Entrance Fee to enter park for non-Fairfax Residents: $10;
  • Private boat launch fees: $5;
  • Canoe:  $10.50/ half day (begins 6:00 am & 3:00 pm); $16.00/ full day;
  • also rowboat rentals;

Lake Anne
Reston’s Used Book Shop, (rental tickets available here)
1623 Washington Plaza (near the fountain).
Reston, VA
Contact the book shop by calling 703-435-9772.

  • Canoes: $6/hour
  • dining nearby

Lake Fairfax Park
1400 Lake Fairfax Drive
Reston, VA 20190

  • No Canoe Rentals, pedal boat rentals only
  • fee for private boat launch  $2.00
  • carousel

Bell Haven Marina – Mariner Sailing School
George Washington Memorial Pkwy,
Alexandria, VA 22307
(703) 768-0018

  • Canoe and kayak rentals ($25/2 hours, $50/all day)
  • Double kayak rentals ($35/2 hours, $65/all day)
  • also standup paddleboads, sailboats and jon boats

Prince William County  (information added 03/2016)

Penguin Paddling
Occoquan, VA
201 Mill Street, Occoquan, VA 22125

Phone: 571/409-1778
Single Kayaks: 16/Hr, 43/Day
Tandem Kayaks: 20/Hr, 53/Day
Paddleboards: 20/Hr, 53/Day

Potomac Boat Rentals
Woodbridge, VA
16205 Neabsco Road, Woodbridge, VA,
Phone: 703/677-1357
Single Kayaks: 16/Hr, 43/Day
Tandem Kayaks: 20/Hr, 53/Day
Paddleboards: 20/Hr, 53/Day

We offer tours and custom events as well! Our commercially available tours are $49/two hour guided tour and are available for purchase on our site. We offer competitive group pricing and are able to work out discounts based on group size.


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