Out of Town Paddling – Adirondacks, NY (Lake George Region)

I really wanted to go canoeing on our trip to Lake George. There is lots of whitewater paddling in the area and lots of places to rent boats on lakes (both big and small lakes). But what I really wanted to do was go canoeing on a river and have the outfitter do a shuttle. And given we are taking our 6 year old, I wanted class 1 whitewater (which is not very much).

I picked up numerous pamphlets at all the places we went. Some companies had brochures everywhere. The best brochure I found was a whitewater paddling brochure for 2013 for the Adirondacks,  which included the names, telephone numbers and web addresses for more than a dozen companies in the Adirondacks. I was pretty sure I found a company which I called several times. But I could never find someone to confirm they had what I wanted and at which (of 4) locations. Finally after leaving my number a couple of times, I decided to start calling other outfitters to see what was available.  That is when I found Beaver Brook Outfitters. They have a couple of outposts. But the outpost near Warrensburg, NY does canoe and kayak trips on the Hudson River.  They also do tubing trips leaving from the same location, but ending about halfway down from the canoe takeout.  Here is the actual page which describes the trips from this location.

I created this Google Map, which shows where we paddled.  The put-in is at the Beaver Brook Outfitters Outpost on State Route 418, just after the bridge which crosses the Hudson River.   The directions call for paddlers to stay right when you see the golf course.  And a little bit after the golf course is Thousand Acres Dude Ranch.  That is the take out.  It is a sandy beach, although I think that is a little overstatement.   The outfitters employee was waiting for us with a van and a trailer to take our canoe.  We paid $40 to rent the canoe (paddles and lifevests included) and get this shuttle service.

It was a perfect day for canoeing. It was around 78 degrees (air), so it was a little cold for spending lots of time in the water.  It was moving water/ class 1 the first part with little riffles and there were places to do an eddy turn, but just barely.  The second half was mostly flat water.  There were places to get out of the boat to play on rocks.  We stopped 3 or 4 times to play. We had brought pool noodles with us.  It was Danny and his dad against the bad guy (me).  But since I was the bad guy, I had both a pool noodle and a super soaker squirt gun.   If you are going to have two against one, at least be armed for the fight.

I’d love to say that Danny loved canoeing, but that wasn’t the case. He loved the play at the stops and put up with the canoeing.  We saw several birds, but we didn’t bring binoculars and could not identify them.  One was a water bird, maybe an egret or great blue heron. The other, we were chasing down the river, may have been an eagle.   It would fly and stop and then when we got nearer, it would do the same thing again.

Beaver Brook had all sorts of canoes and kayaks to rent.  Canoes cost $40, and single person kayaks cost $30 to rent, so it is much more economical to rent a canoe.   They did not have middle seats in their canoes and did not have children’s lifevests which had straps between the legs.  I had anticipated both of these and we had brought from home a floating pfd/seat cushion and our child’s lifevest.  Plus we had those 3 noodles to fight with.  I had also brought a beach raft for playing in the water, but the day was a bit cold to spend time sitting in the water, so I left that in the car.

We had actually biked in the morning in Queensbury, NY on the Warren County Bike Way.  We ate lunch at the picnic table at the outfitters before doing our canoe trip.  I also brought from home a dry bag and put in a towel and a change of clothes for my child, in case he got cold. We had lots of water and a bit of snacks with us.  The Beaver Brook Outpost is nothing more than a couple of buildings on leased land. I don’t think they have running water. There is a port-a-potty.  So you need to bring your own water, they do not have anything to sell at this location except to rent boats or inner tubes.

I was happy with our outing. And I’m glad we didn’t haul our canoe from home for one afternoon canoe trip.  We brought our bikes instead of a canoe. Bikes are a little harder to find to rent than canoes in the Adirondacks.

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